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Heroes of Neverwinter - Grinding Without Actually Grinding

One reason to play the Heroes of Neverwinter on Facebook is to reach level 10. What's so great about reaching level 10? That's when you gain access to the Dungeon Workshop, where you can create your own adventures. Surely, those of us who have been Dungeon Master before can't wait to gain access to it. Because we can now bring our past stories to live for all Facebook D&D fans to play.

But to grind away at the same old pre-made adventures in Heroes of Neverwinter can be quite boring. After all, we already know the stories. And letting you play each adventure in "Normal", "Hard", and "Heroic" mode is hardly motivational. Many Dungeon Masters probably have already switch to playing "Heroic" mode right off the bad to receive maximum experience (XP) to reach level 10 faster.

Well, there is a trick to leveling in Heroes of Neverwinter without doing much work. In fact, let the computer do all the work for you. Before starting on an adventure, bring a set of high-level characters characters with you in your party. Then pick a low level adventure to start. Play "Heroic" mode to maximize XP. Once you are in the game, toggle the "AI" mode to "All". Now, the computer will execute all of the action for the playing character (PC) and the non-playing character (NPC)!

After that, all you have to do is sit back, surf the web, do some work, or watch the action. The only thing left for you to do, in the game, is to move the characters from room to room and collect your rewards. This is not only a great way to level, but also a great way to collect gold and other treasures.

Sun, 25 Sep 2011 21:48:05 -0700

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Title: Heroes of Neverwinter
Weblog: Quest RPG
Excerpt: Still remember Dungeons & Dragons? Especially the non-advanced version where adventure is as close as your family room and the fun is in venturing into the dungeon depth rather than interpreting the rules? That simple fun in the past has came back in the form of a Facebook app called Heroes of Never . . .
Tracked: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 21:51:28 -0700

Title: Heroes of Neverwinter: Send Out Two Gifts to Each Friend Everyday
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Excerpt: I posted in the Adventurers of Neverwinter group on Facebook that you can send two gifts to each friend everyday. Sending the first gift is easy enough, because all you have to do is poke the "Send Gift" button under your friend. Sending second gift is not as intuitive, but it is almost just as easy . . .
Tracked: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 21:53:08 -0700

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Excerpt: This AutoHotkey script sends gifts to all your friends in the "Heroes of Neverwinter" Facebook app for you. With this script, you won't have to tediously clicking through a series of sequence to send gifts. This script sends two gifts to each of your friends. You will need to install the AutoHotkey . . .
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Title: Heroes of Neverwinter - Accept Gifts
Weblog: Cynosure.X International
Excerpt: This AutoHotkey script accepts gifts in the "Heroes of Neverwinter" Facebook app for you, saving you the trouble of clicking the "Accept" and "OK" button multiple times. You will need to install the AutoHotkey software (free) for this script to work. How to Use While the "Heroes of Neverwinter" app . . .
Tracked: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 22:04:48 -0700

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