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The Moons

Arin possesses thirty major moons.

The Great Moon

This is by far the largest moon orbiting Arin and fills the entire sky each night. It rises in the north at noon and sets in the south at dawn. Clearly visible on its surface are trees of incredible height, with thick, curved branches and broad leaves that are also massive in size. Across the Great Moon's surface are many vast lakes assumed to be fresh water due to the proximity of the immense trees surrounded them. Fierce winds continually tear at the trees, and only wispy white high altitude clouds survive the high speed air flow. It is not known whether the Great Moon is inhabited, due to the fact that none who have opened a Gate to it have ever returned.


The second largest moon, Talaris orbits the Great Moon. Approximately one quarter the size of the Great Moon, its surface appears mountainous, and is a golden yellow in colour. Power Wielders have visited it briefly, and report the atmosphere to be breathable, yet have not explored its many mountains and caverns.


The third largest moon, Kardon orbits Taralis, is is approximately two thirds the size of Talaris. Its surface is a mottled bright reddish color, and is streaked with rivers of grey, and mountains of bluish grey hue. Kardon remains unvisited.


The fourth largest moon, Clastra is slightly smaller than Kardon, and is a mottled green and pink with curving rivers of grey. A small population of reclusive Power Wielders is said to dwell there, transformed to be compatible with its lethal atmosphere. It is rumored that the Wielders residing there resemble large quadrapedal insects, yet were once Human. Clastra orbits Talaris, near Kardon.


One half the size of Talaris, Perion orbits east to west, visibly rotating completely once every thirty minutes, rising at dawn and setting at dusk. Strangely faceted, Perion resembles an immense spherical emerald, glittering in the daylight as it follows the sun's arc across the sky at a distance of three hand spans held at arm's length to the sky. Nothing is known of its surface.


Identical in size to Perion, this dusty grey moon rises from the southeast at sunset once per month, crossing the sky at a leisurely pace and setting at dawn. Trador remains unvisited.

Eye of Sardos

A shining yellow orb with circular dark spot in its center, this moon rises from the northeast in mid morning and arcs across the sky until midnight, when it falls below the southwest horizon. It is thought that the dark spot is in fact, a hole leading to an dark interior of the moon. In the year 305 the Power Wielder


A large dusty white mountainous moon believed to be covered in glaciers of water ice and snow. A hazy blue aura about it suggests an atmosphere. Within the sky just above the southern horizon throughout the day and night, it is worshipped by several religions as the home of the deities, due to the fact that legends say within the snowbound mountains, the deities often sit upon ice thrones and gaze upon the world of Arin. Kyrannan remains unvisited.

Other Moons

The remaining moons are without name, and are often small, cratered spheres that seem to move almost randomly. It is said that once every thousand years, they align perfectly in the sky forming a line from the northern to southern horizons, remaining so for one week during which wild and chaotic Power roams the world, twisting the landscape and lifeforms alike; a week during which reality completely breaks down, and common sense is useless.