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The Major Cities

Three major cities have been founded in Summerland.

Dornan's Cove

Named after Yiddron Dornan, a famous explorer who first sailed to a nearby unexplored continent, Dornan's Cove is now a major center of trade and merchandise. At the center of Dornan's Cove is Castle Goldstone, protector of the region. Dornan's Cove is the largest known city in Arin, covering an expanse of land 300 miles in diameter situated in a cove on the southeastern portion of the continent. Extremely crowded with merchants and businesses of all sorts including Inns, Taverns, Shops of all varieties selling fine clothing jewelry, supplies, tools, and weapons, and even Power Wielder establishments, where Wielders hired out their services to the population at large. Continuously expanding, Dornan's Cove is surrounded by a tent city where new merchants set up temporary shop while applying to Castle Goldstone for a license to build permanent shops. Throughout the year, the city has a festival atmosphere that is assisted by the eternally summer-like weather.


This city exists at the eastern foothills of the western mountain range, and is a major mining colony, with miners and their families living within its bounds and working in the nearby mountains. A wide variety of metals and minerals are retrieved, processed, and shipped to other cities and villages.


The smallest of the three major cities, Syrda is on the southern coast of Summerland, and is essentially a center of fishing. The Great River empties into the southern ocean, and the fisherfolk of Syrda harvest fish with large enchanted nets, for use and shipping to other regions.