Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: PowerQuest: World Guide

The Major Castles

Four major castles have been constructed upon the continent known as Summerland.


A golden-hued castle of enchanted stone, Goldstone is at the center of the major sea port city of Dornan's Cove, on the southeastern coast of Summerland. King Lardon and Queen Klaia hold the castle and command the Dornan Cove Guard, protectors of the city and its surrounding lands. Populated by some 3000 people at any given time, Goldstone is the largest castle built by Humans.

Trax Keep

A moderately sized stone and iron castle, Trax Keep sits in the cold foothills of the great northern mountain range, and holds 300 in residence, in addition to its owner, Trax Mordannan, who often grants lodging to travelers.

Storm Mountain

A large castle, this is the oldest of the four, and is held by the Power Wielder Iridian, a mischievous, mildly evil Human of great Power. Iridian only often permits travelers to stay at his castle, yet only at the price of being subject to extreme, permanent pranks of Power Wielding. Legend states however, that Iridian always grants a treasure of great value to his guests afterward. For this reason, many come to take their chances for fortunes in crystals charged with Power, or other enchantments.


A castle of crystal and ice, Icewind is within the great northern mountain range, and is said to be inhabited by a group of reclusive Power Wielders who accept into their clan young Wielders only rarely, and are thought to perform experiments in new forms of Power Wielding.