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Summerland is a large continent, estimated to be fifty thousand miles north to south, and one hundred thousand miles east to west at its greatest extents. The northernmost ten thousand miles of Summerland consist of vast snow and icebound mountain ranges, known as the Great Northern Mountain Range for obvious reasons. Extending entirely from the Northern Mountain Range to the southern coast, is the Western Mountain Range, approximately eight thousand miles from the western coast. Cleanly dividing Summerland, extending from the Northern Mountain Range to the southern coast, is the Great River, which possesses many branches winding throughout the land. One hundred miles in width along its primary channel, the Great River is freshwater melted at the transition point from the Great Forest, which covers almost the entire continent, to the Northern Mountain Range.

In the southwest quadrant of Summerland, amidst the Great Forest is an unusual, highly dangerous region known as the Darkwood. Separated from the rest of the forest by a ring of dead vegetation and bones, the Darkwood is believed to be the domain of an entity known as the Lord of Decay, a demon of extreme Power who commands a legion of the undead and was bound into the Darkwood by forces unknown. The Darkwood is, from outward appearances, a perfectly circular forest of dead and eternally decaying trees enshrouded in darkness so complete that no light penetrates the interior, nor emerges from it. Many have braved the outer edges, linked to the outside world by sturdy ropes, and returned utterly insane from the darkness and silence within, babbling for the rest of their lives about horrific animate skeletons, decaying corpses walking through the trees, and spidery creatures walking through the very air. None has entered the Darkwood deeply and returned. The Darkwood is one thousand miles in diameter.

In the center of Summerland's Great Forest are the Grasslands, a region approximately two to three thousand miles in diameter, of roughly oval shape, and tall light brown grasses producing edible grain continuously. At the center of the grasslands, a colony of Power Wielders dwells, along with a large number of grain harvesting workers.