Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: PowerQuest: Player Guide


The amount of Power expended in a task is determined by the type of function Power must be shaped to perform. The following is a listing of major function types, from which the Power Point costs of more complex effects may be calculated.


Power may be used to induce Astral Projection, a state in which a lifeform's soul is released from the living body for a time, and is able to fly, pass through physical objects (although not astral substances), see, hear, and smell the physical plane but not touch or taste within it, and interact with all senses, and full contact, within the astral plane. Astral travel expends 1 PP per minute Out of Body. Additionally, Power may be used to convert a physical object or lifeform into astral substance completely, at an expense of 1 PP per cubic foot of space occupied by the target to be converted. Such an astral object or lifeform is able to interact with both the astral and physical planes fully, including the abilities to pass through normal matter at will, to become visible or invisible, and to hover and fly. Conversion of an astral object or lifeform back to normal existence also expends 1 PP per cubic foot of space occupied.


Power can be shaped and solidified into any living or non-living, animate or inanimate substance, object, or lifeform imaginable, of any composition and degree of detail. Created items and lifeforms are real, and permanent. The only limitations, are that Power itself may not be created in this manner, lifeforms created may not have TCV greater than the Power Wielder who materializes them, and lifeforms created may be brought into existence with fully functioning minds and personalities, yet will lack a spirit for an interval of 72 hours after materialization, at which time one arises from the pattern based in the physical body, having its same personality and other Traits. Thus, a wand or amulet may be created, yet will lack a reservoir of Power until Empowered; similarly, a Gorgon could be brought into being, but it would have to live and exist for sufficient time to gather Power, before its petrification abilities would become available. Creation expends 1 PP per cubic foot of space the item to be materialized is to occupy. Thus, a coiled 100' rope might expend only 8 PP, yet one extended to its full length would require 100 PP to create. A solid may not be brought into existence within the actual substance of another solid.


Power, channeled into a lifeform, may be programmed to cause inconvenient effects in a wide variety of forms; this is the ability known as Cursing. A Curse may be placed upon a lifeform at an expenditure of 50 PP. A Curse cannot be removed, once applied. It becomes a permanent, integral part of the lifeform. Refer to the Character Design guide for details on Curses.


Power may be given an essence of energy or other destructive force, such as fire, ice, lightning, electricity, light of any color or intensity, darkness, sound, vibration, visible, or invisible force fields and structures. Examples would include lightning bolt, fireball, sun rays, moon beams, acid sprays, a gaze that causes decay of living tissue, a wall of flames, or any other imaginable force of damage or destruction. In the process of generating such a destructive force, the Power may be made into a beam, quantum, spray, explosion, aura about an object or lifeform, moving shape of force such as a will-directed sphere of fire moving at the Wielder's command, or as stationary or self-willed, programmed structures as in the case of a wall of fire left behind by a Wielder, becoming independent of the Wielder's concentration, or a lightning bolt programmed to ricochet about a room until striking a specified target. The destructive force may also be programmed to damage only a specified range of materials or lifeforms, as desired, making it possible to create energies that damage insects for example, without harming other lifeforms and objects. A destructive field, such as a wall of fire, or aura places about a target, remains stable indefinitely, or until its entire Damage Potential is expended against targets encountering it. Therefore, a wall of fire will not expend its entire Damage Potential against a gnat wandering through it; rather, only sufficient Potential is expended to stop a target from passing through. Destructive forces, whether stationary, programmed/roving, or actively projected, expend 1 PP per 3 HP worth of Damage Potential of the force.


Power may be channeled into and stored within any object, substance, or lifeform. This allows a Power Wielder to collect vast amounts of Power over a period of time, by pouring Power into reservoirs, such as staffs, amulets, rings, wands, items of clothing, spheres of metal or crystal, or even animals. This Power reservoir may later be tapped during a Power Wielding, to effectively exceed the amount of Power the Wielder may normally hold for use, or Intent may be impressed upon it, giving the Empowered item an enchantment; in this way, a vast variety of magical items may be created, complete with complex programming of commands they will respond to, and how the Power will be expended when invoked. Additionally, words, phrases, verbal spells, and runes may be given Power in the same way. Although only a Power Wielder may make use of Power that is merely stored, when an item, word, phrase, spell, or rune is enchanted by Empowering it with specific programming of the type of Wielding the Power is to be used for, any lifeform may invoke and control it. A few examples: A Ring charged with Illusion (Invisibility/Visibility) and Target (Wearer), plus 4 PP, would be a Ring of Invisibility with sufficient charge to render an average person invisible once, then visible again. A wand charged with Transformation (Shrinking) and Target (Anything Aimed At), plus 100 PP, would be a Wand of Shrinking, capable of usage in any way desired until the 100 PP reservoir was exhausted, with the wand's holder controlling such factors as how small a target becomes, etc. In the case of spoken or written Empowered words and spells, the same applies; the word "Zap" (or any other) could be Empowered with Transformation (Human to Horse), Target (Speaker), and given a quantity of Power; from that moment on, whosoever spoke the word Zap, would be transformed into a horse, regardless of their location. Power Wielders generally avoid using common words however, due to the possibility of someone in a distant location accidentally speaking it, thereby misfiring the enchantment. An Empowered item, word, etc. may also be made self-recharging, at an expense of 5 PP per 1 PP to be regained by it each hour. The Empowered then will regain that amount of Power every hour, up to a maximum set by how much Power was stored within it at the time the self-recharging enchantment was enacted upon it.


Power can be used to completely or partially control the environment, affecting the temperature, humidity, weather, gravity, direction of gravitation, the flow direction and speed of time, and lighting conditions. A relatively low Power drain, this effect expends 1 PP per 6' radius about the Wielder, per minute of control. Control is complete. Examples of what may be accomplished, include creating miniature storms, areas of heat or cold, whirlwinds, light or darkness. In general, all the forces of natural within the region are at the Wielder's command.


Power is intimately linked to the imagination, thereby allowing it to be shaped and projected in the form of illusory forces, effects, objects, and entities. An illusion may be actively controlled, stationary, or programmed to be capable of motion, and responding in specified ways to external stimuli, events, and its environment. Illusions may include full visual, auditory, and olfactory stimulation, allowing for great apparent reality. An illusion may be bound to a location or object, allowing for such things as illusory bridges, or setting a disguise about an object or person. An illusion may give off real light or darkness; light revealing or dazzling, darkness obscuring or blinding. Illusory light may be cast by an object as well, illuminating only specified areas, objects, substances, or lifeforms, and similarly, illusory darkness may affect only specified targets. An illusory disguise can be made to adapt to a lifeform's movements completely, and even alter the subject's voice as desired for further disguise. The power of illusion may actually change the appearance of an object or lifeform, or cause it to be invisible to all, or to specified lifeforms. An Illusion may be made to immitate a lifeform, even to the point of responding to programming or events with preset speech, actions, or movement. Illusion expends 1 PP per cubic yard (27 cubic feet) of space occupied by the created illusion. Illusions remain active until specifically dispelled by the Wielder who created it, or the Empowered item, word, etc. that originally brought it into existence.


Power may be translated into kinetic energy of a transitory, continuously controlled, or lasting, programmed nature. Telekinetic effects in which physical substances, objects, or lifeforms are moved by the application of Power and Will, expend 1 PP per minute, for every 15 pounds weight levitated, moved, or otherwise manipulated. A lasting, programmed effect capable of responding to external stimuli and events, may be created within an object, in such a way as to animate normally inanimate objects or substances. To animate an object or substance, such as a golem, expends 1 PP per cubic foot of space the object occupies, plus 1 PP per point of STR granted to it. If STR points are not granted in this manner, the animation will cease upon encountering resistance to movement or action.


The minds of lifeforms are highly susceptible to influence by Power, which may be used temporarily or permanently alter the behaviour, memories, and personality. 1 PP is expended for each minute of mental control or modification applied to a lifeform. If the modification is to be made permanent, an additional expenditure of 30 PP must occur after 3 minutes of normal control. Mental telepathy (the transmission and reception of images, words, concepts, and other information directly from one mind to another) may be accomplished for 1 PP per minute of contact. Mental reading, or the forced retrieval of information from a lifeform's mind, expends 1 PP per minute of reading.


A protective force may be created from Power, sent forth into an object or creature, or shaped into a visible or invisible force field or aura capable of acting protectively alone, or as an independent, established field of Power through which only specified objects, forces, spiritual entities, and lifeforms may pass, or none at all. When Protective Power is channeled into an object or lifeform, or fashioned into a protective aura about it, it acts to absorb Damage Potential that would otherwise harm the protected target. 1 PP is expended in establishing the protective force, for every 3 HP worth of Shielding Potential it is to possess. This means that to create an aura about a person that will shield against a cumulative 90 HP worth of damage, a total of 30 PP would be expended. Additionally, hostile Power directed against a protected object or lifeform, is absorbed as if it were Damage Potential, at a virtual Damage Potential of 3 HP per 1 PP shielded against. Thus, the established protection field is decreased in Shielding Potential by 3 HP worth for every 1 PP worth of hostile Power it must block. When a field, aura, or other protective force has exerted its entire cumulative Shielding Potential, it collapses, vanishing.


Within all animate and inanimate, living and non- living substances, objects, and lifeforms, a subtle pattern of Power exists that contains a complete pattern identical to the object; a shadow-counterpart or astral form. When an object or lifeform is damaged or destroyed, this pattern remains in existence. If Power is channeled into this astral form and used to amplify it, the object or lifeform may be restored to perfection. In lifeforms, this results in healing and regeneration; in objects, restoration and restructure. Indeed, every portion of an object or lifeform contains the pattern of the whole; therefore, the entire remains need not exist for restoration to occur. Restoration of the inanimate expends 1 PP per cubic foot of space the object will occupy when fully restored. Restoration (healing) of a lifeform expends 1 PP per 3 HP restored. Healing eliminates all scars, and restores all limbs and organs. If the remains of a deceased lifeform are restored, the body will be devoid of mind or spirit; full resurrection requires a Summoning of the lifeform's spirit, and a Binding of the spirit into the body. Restoration may not be used to reverse a Transformation, due to the fact that Transformation erases all previous astral forms of an object or lifeform.


The senses of a lifeform may be enhanced, extended, or directly controlled by the application of Power. Sensory enhancement expends 1 PP per +3 modifier on related task roll success ranges, for every minute of enhancement. This makes it possible to temporarily sharpen the senses, without need for a permanent Transformation. Infra- Red or Ultraviolet vision, vision in complete darkness, and Second Sight (the ability to see all astral forms, entities, and forces) all expend 1 PP per minute of usage. FarSense, the ability to extend senses to a distant location, expends 1 PP per minute, for every mile in distance to the remote location seen, heard, and smelled. FarSense may be extended into the past or future, for an additional expenditure of 1 PP per 24 hours offset from the present. DeepSense, the power to scan a region of space or object for detection purposes, to learn something specific, or have complete understanding of an object or lifeform, expends 1 PP per cubic foot region of space scanned, for every minute of observation. Therefore, to check an average-sized goblet of wine for poison would expend only 1 PP. DeepSense reveals only the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of a scanned target; no understanding of Power forces present within it, or a region of space is possible. Sensory control of a lifeform, causing hallucinations of the five senses, pain, pleasure, tickling, burning, prickling, or any other imaginable sensory modification, may be made at an expense of 1 PP per minute of complete control over one sense; control of all five senses, would expend 5 PP per minute.


Power directly affects the spiritual realm, known as the Astral Plane. Within the astral plane dwell all spirits, ghosts, demons, and other entities of a purely mental or supernatural nature. Power may be used to summon, banish, contain or bind entities into soulless objects and lifeforms. Summoning and Banishing attempts expend 30 PP. Containment fields may be established such that a spirit may not exit a region of space, for an expenditure of 1 PP per 3' radius from a specified point, in which the spirit is free to move and act. Supernatural or Power forces may emanate from the entity thusly contained, but the entity itself may not escape. For an expenditure of 60 PP, an entity may be bound into an object or lifeform lacking a spirit. If an entity is bound into an object, it remains trapped until the object is destroyed; while trapped, it, and its Power Wielding abilities, are at the command of the object's holder. An entity bound into a lifeform animates the lifeform, using it as a body in a normal fashion. If a spirit is bound into a deceased lifeform, it becomes an Undead creature; undead are deceased lifeforms animated by Power. They cannot be killed, but can be dismembered, or burned. Dismemberment merely prevents the undead from freedom of movement. Burning or dissolution in acid releases the spirit of the undead creature. Undead are not necessarily evil; they possess the same personality and mind of the lifeform from which the spirit originally was released into the afterlife.


A Thoughtform is an object or entity fashioned entirely of Power, which need not obey the same laws that physical objects do. A Thoughtform may be visible or invisible, solid, have odor, or taste, be stationary, attached to another Thoughtform or physical object/lifeform, or be programmed to move and react to its environment and events surrounding it. Its apparent composition and texture may be any desired. It may dissipate, change form, move across surfaces, through solids, liquids, gases, or through the air, alter in composition, or otherwise evolve according to programming specified at the time of its creation. It may emit or block real light of any intensity. In all ways, it acts precisely according to the will of its creator, from the time of its creation onward. A Thoughtform entity may be made in any imaginable form and appearance, with specified behaviour patterns. A Thoughtform may be Empowered with any combination of Power Wielding effects, just as a normal object may be. A Thoughtform may be granted HPs and STR with which to resist physical damage when solid, and affect other physical materials, objects, and lifeforms. There is an expense of 1 PP per cubic foot of space occupied by a Thoughtform at the time of creation, plus 1 PP per 3 CHP points granted, and 1 PP per STR point bestowed.


Power may be channeled into an object, material, or lifeform, to cause partial or complete transformation in size, mass, form, composition, and all other aspects. Inanimate objects may be transformed in any manner imagined. The Primary Traits of lifeforms may be changed completely as desired, without restriction, and all Character Points of a lifeform may be shifted freely between Secondary Traits, and Talents so long as the TCV of the character is not increased or decreased. The lifeform's personality, emotions, and manner of thought may be altered in the process, due to Trait, Talent, and other changes. If a lifeform is transformed into an inanimate object, it is considered dead, and its spirit is released. If an inanimate object is transformed into a lifeform, its Traits and Talents may be specified by the Wielder, as well as its TCV, so long as the TCV is equal to or less than the Wielder's. In short, transformation is limited only by the imagination, and TCV in the case of lifeforms. Curses are not altered by transformation of a lifeform. Additionally, a special transformation known as Form Lock exists; in this procedure, Power is channeled into the targeted object or lifeform and used to cause immunity to further transformations, or those of a specified variety. Transformation of inanimate targets expends 1 PP per cubic foot of space the target occupies. Transformation of animate or living targets expends 1 PP for every 5 points TCV possessed by the target. Form Lock expends 1 PP per month of Form Lock.


Power may be used to cause teleportation of an object or lifeform, or the opening of a gate between two locations in space or time. Teleportation expend 1 PP per cubic foot of space the target occupies, plus 1 PP per 100' distance of teleportation. A gate between any two locations in space and time may be opened at an expense of 150 PP, plus 1 PP per square foot area of the gate, which may exist in mid air, or bound to a stationary or movable surface. This is termed a Dimensional Gate. Such Gates remain open until closed at an expense of 50 PP, and exist at both ends of the space-time link. To open a Dimension Gate, the Wielder must be able to visualize the destination location at least vaguely. If two or more identical locations exist, the gate will open randomly to one of them. At the time of opening, a gate may be programmed to allow only specific objects, substances, or lifeforms to pass through, or to admit all. Many Power Wielders fashion a secure storage compartment in a hidden locations, and open a gate to it on a portable surface such as a page of a book, or within a small box with handle. In this way, space and time may be toyed with at will by Wielders.


Discovered by the Human sorcerer Sardos, this form of Power use involves the expenditure of 10000 PP in a single, violent release of forces, accompanied by an imagined, or spoken wish. The resulting Wielding is stronger than any other known Power Wielding, and is capable of quite literally anything; no wish is too great, complex, or extensive for this Wielding method to grant. Due to the extreme Power expenditure involved, Wielders almost always must use Power collected in an Empowered item over a long period of time.