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Power Wielding Guide

In the PowerQuest world, the forces of mind, magic, and spirit are unified in a single force known as Power; characters capable of gathering, focusing, and using this force are known as Power Wielders.

Power Wielding is an art and science well developed, yet highly dependant upon the style and personality of the person using it. The key of Power Wielding is the imagination, making for great diversity in the styles of sorcery that exist in the world. Theoretically, Power may be used to accomplish absolutely any task. The only limitation possessed by the Power Wielder, is the amount of Power that may be gathered and focused...a capacity that may be expanded as the character gains Character Points from experience.

Intrinsic Powers

Power Wielders possess certain innate abilities which expend no Power during use. These include the following:

Second Sight

A Power Wielder has the ability to see and hear all forces and entities on the astral plane perfectly. This is always active, and cannot be discontinued.


With willing subjects who are aware that contact may occur, a Power Wielder may communicate telepathically over any distance.

Astral Form

A Power Wielder may become partially or completely insubstantial, and ghostly, able to pass through physical objects and lifeforms freely at will, and to return to solidity at any time.


A Power Wielder may levitate, hover, and fly at up to 1' per second for every point of SPD possessed, if lightweight clothing is worn, and nothing is carried.

Utilizing Stored Power

A Wielder may call upon a stored reservoir of Power that exists within an object, provided the Power is not stored with specific Intent such as in the case of a wand or amulet with preset powers. When calling upon the stored Power, it is channeled through the Wielder, to the effect being attempted, along with the Wielder's own internal Power. The Wielder must be in contact with the object in which Power is stored, in order to call upon it.

Transfer of Power Between Lifeforms

One lifeform may willingly transfer its collected Power to another lifeform, regardless of whether either lifeform is a Power Wielder. This process requires surface contact, and cannot occur if either party to the transfer is unwilling. The recipient may not draw and hold more Power than its MPP allows for, but may draw Power, store it in an object, then draw again, or continuously pour the Power into a storage receptacle such as sphere, wand, staff, amulet, ring, etc.

Power Within Plants

The Power naturally existing within plants may be released and applied to a Power Wielding. Flowers, herbs, and spices contain approximately 30 Power Points per pound, unless they themselves were created by Power Wielding. The Wielder may draw the Power from them directly, or may create potions from edible types which when consumed, give up their Power to the Wielder. The average tree possesses 150 Power Points, yet gives these up only reluctantly, at a rate of 10 PP per minute.

Limitations of the Power Wielder

Power Wielders have a unique limitation placed upon them by the nature of Power, and the effect its use has on the subtance of their bodies; the touch of pure iron causes immediate drain of CPP to 0, and a continuous drain of 1d6 HP per minute of contact in the form of burning. From the point of contact with iron, a fierce blue-white fire emanates in a corona effect engulfing the iron. Additionally, fire from pine wood shines with a light that blocks Power usage, yet does not drain Power directly from Power Wielders. Intense pain is experienced by a Wielder in either case.