Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: PowerQuest: Player Guide

Curses, Talents, Alternative Forms, and Possessions


Curses are unusual physical, psychological, or magical (Power- related) effects the character is subject to, that are cause for inconvenience, danger, or embarrassment. Curses are an excellent way in which a character may be made more interesting, due to the great flexibility in designing them. The only requirement be that at least two circumstances be specified in which the Curse will prove to be problematic, and that the 'trigger' (whatever causes the Curse to become a problem or activate) be sufficiently common to make the problem manifest frequently. Absolutely any imaginable mundane or magical effects, whether temporary, instantaneous, or permanent, may be specified, with one exception; although Traits of both Primary and Secondary types may be altered temporarily or permanently by the Curse, the Total Character Value may not be increased; points may be shifted between Traits as desired, but TCV must always remain constant, or decrease. A highly detailed description of the Curse's effects should be listed under the Curses heading on the character sheet. For each Curse specified, an additional 25 CP is awarded for application to Traits and Talents.

Curses may be specified both at the beginning of the game, and within it; if a Curse is added after the campaign has already begun, the Game Master will provide a method of the Curse being acquired by the character, working it into the storyline; an added benefit to the game.

Feel free to add as many Curses as desired, whenever you wish. This adds to the diversity of characters, and takes them a depth beyond what thoroughly normal characters are capable of attaining.


Talents are special mental, physical, and Power Wielding abilities a character may possess. Each CP point applied to a Talent results in a +3 Success Range Modifier on related task determination dice rolls. Refer to the Talent Guide for details on available Talents. Carefully list all Talent purchases under this heading on the character sheet.

Alternate Forms

In PowerQuest, some lifeforms possess the ability to assume one or more alternate forms, essentially becoming a different lifeform. Unlike the generalized transformation abilities of a Power Wielder, these are preset forms, purchased either at the time of character design, or during the game. An Alternate Form is specified by a single line description under the appropriate heading of the character sheet, and by an appended additional character sheet. Alternate Forms are designed in precisely the same manner as the base character, using a blank character sheet. It may have entirely unique Primary and Secondary Traits, Curses, and Talents; the only limitation is that it may not have additional Alternate Forms. The transformation to an Alternate Form may be specified as any desired, including Will Power. The transformation may be specified as instantaneous, or gradual to any extent requested. Alternate Forms may be of equal or lesser TCV than the base character, but never greater in TCV. The cost of an Alternate Form may be calculated by the equation C=(TCV/10), where C is the final cost in Character Points, and TCV is the Total Character Value of the Alternate Form character.

Character Points won during game play may be applied to the Alternate Form without increase in the cost listed beside Alternate Form, instead being listed directly on the full Alternate Form character sheet. However, only those points earned while in the Alternate Form, may be used to enhance it; those earned while in the base character form, or in other Alternate Forms, may not be.

An Alternate Form is considered to be a biological rather than Power Wielding related Trait, and is therefore not susceptible to the effects of light emitted by pine wood fires, or the lack of Power Points, nor Form Lock.


Possessions include all clothing, jewelry, supplies, tools, weapons, armor, and magical items possessed by the character. List all such items under this heading on the character sheet. Non-Magical items are free to beginning characters.