Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: PowerQuest: Player Guide

Armor and Weapons

Terms like "Shielding Potential" and "Damage Potential" mentioned below will be explained in the Game Master Guide.


    Armor                  Shielding Potential
    Chainmail (silver)             24
    Chainmail (steel)              32
    Cloth (plain)                   2
    Cloth (padded)                  4
    Leather (plain)                 6
    Leather (studded)               8
    Platemail (silver)             48
    Platemail (steel)              64
    Ringmail (silver)              12
    Ringmail (steel)               16


The following chart lists average damage potentials for assorted physical weapons. These are not strict; items may exist that have greater or lesser damage potential, but in general, these apply.

    Weapon                 Damage Potential
    Bolos                        1d6 + task roll for entanglement of limbs.
    Bow (compound)               3d6
    Bow (long)                   2d6
    Bow (short)                  1d6
    Club                         1d6
    Crossbow (large)             4d6
    Crossbow (medium)            3d6
    Crossbow (pistol)            1d6
    Crossbow (small)             2d6
    Dagger (normal)              1d6
    Dagger (throwing)            2d6
    Dagger (triblade)            3d6
    Gloves (clawed)              3d6
    Gloves (plated)              1d6
    Gloves (spiked)              2d6
    Gloves (studded)             2d6
    Lance                        3d6
    Mace                         2d6
    Morning Star                 3d6
    Pike                         4d6
    Quarterstaff                 3d6
    Scimitar                     3d6
    Scythe                       2d6
    Shield (large)               3d6
    Shield (medium)              2d6
    Shield (small)               1d6
    Sling                        2d6
    SlingShot                    1d6
    Staff                        2d6
    Sword (bastard)              4d6
    Sword (broad)                4d6
    Sword (great)                5d6
    Sword (long)                 3d6
    Sword (short)                2d6
    Sword (triblade)             6d6
    Throwing Star                1d6
    Whip                         2d6 + task roll for entanglement of limbs.

These are average values. Additionally, Damage Potential is increased by the attacking character's STR, by 1d6 per 20 points of STR possessed.