Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: PowerQuest: Game Master Guide

Advancing Characters

Character Point Awards

In the course of a game, characters are awarded Character Points for accomplishments, creativity, ingenuity, quality role playing, defeating enemies, and finding treasures. Additionally, a small but quickly accumulating bonus is granted for timely arrival to game sessions. The following chart may be used to calculate awards.

    Award Type                 Award
    Accomplishment (minor)      3 CP
    Accomplishment (medium)     6 CP
    Accomplishment (major)     12 CP
    Attendance (consistent)     5 CP per month
    Attendance (timely)         1 CP per game
    Creativity                  1 CP per idea
    Enemy Defeated (minor)      1 CP per enemy
    Enemy Defeated (medium)     2 CP per enemy
    Enemy Defeated (major)      3 CP per enemy
    Role Playing (good)         1 CP per incident
    Role Playing (excellent)    1 CP per incident
    Role Playing (spectacular)  1 CP per incident
    Treasure Find (minor)       1 CP per find
    Treasure Find (medium)      2 CP per find
    Treasure Find (major)       3 CP per find

Obviously, the degree of accomplishments and such is for the Game Master to determine.

Race Abilities

In PowerQuest, any imaginable lifeform or being may be specified as a Player Character's race; Human, Elven, Dwarven, Hobbit, Merfolk, Centaur, Winged Human, Pixy, Sparrow, or a combination of all of the above and any other being from reality, science fiction or fantasy, is specifically permitted. As such, there are an entire range of natural abilities that must be taken into account by the Game Master. Rather than provide a detailed listing of all possible character races, this is a matter left to common sense; a merfolk character will be able to breathe under water...a centaur will have difficulty getting through small doorways...a horse has no hands (unless otherwise specified) to grasp things with...a winged lifeform will be able to fly, a manticore will have a poisonous sting and bite. In short, the Game Master has a responsibility to allow for race specific abilities, but only those basic to the character; a mermaid might have to purchase Singing and Seduction, or a Power Wielding Talent in order to lure sailors to their deaths...a Gorgon would require Power Wielding Talent, to petrify onlookers. In this manner, a game balance is maintained, while allowing for diversity.

Lifeforms, Biology, and Interbreeding

This section is meant as a general guideline for handling the issues of reproduction in RPG storylines, including those involving interbreeding between lifeforms, such as Humans and Elves.

In general, due to the intense Power levels within the world of Arin, interbreeding is limited only by cultural strictures rather than biology. Interbreeding between Humanoid races is commonplace, especially among Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Elementals, Nymphs, Ogres, Trolls, Goblins, and Merfolk. Thriving Centaur, Winged Human, Chimera, Manticore, Draconian and Merfolk civilizations attest to the compatibility of all genomes within Arin.

In determining storyline outcomes involving the potential for reproduction of non-player or player characters, it may be useful to imploy a reproductive dice roll as follows: Add together the CON of both potential parents, then roll 1d100. If the sum of the two Constitutions is greater than the resulting dice roll, reproduction occurs.

Reproductive processes vary widely between species, and the Game Master will have to determine the duration of the gestation or other reproductive occurrance depending upon circumstances.