Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Cyno's Fantasy

Magical Items

Cloak of Invisibility

The cloak of invisibility looks like a regular cloak. But when a character wears it, it renders the character invisible.

Toughness: 5 DP

Magical Amulet of Invisibility

The Magical Amulet of Invisibility is visible when not worn. It looks like a bluish hologram, however, you can pick it up and it almost feels like it's not there in your hand. It's squishible like jello. And if you squish it too hard, you squish right through it like a hologram and it might even cause you to drop it on the floor. Strangely, dropping it onto the floor makes no sound. You can't damage the Magical Amulet of Invisibility. However, when worn, it causes itself and the wearer to turn invisibile for thirty minutes. After that, it vaporizes into nothing.

Location Rings

The location rings is a set of master and slave rings, where the wearer of master rings is aware of the locations of all slave rings.

Toughness: 5 DP each

Snake Bracelet

The snake bracelet resembles a snake wrapped around the wearer's forearm. It looks like a woman's jewelry, but actually carries a dark summoning magic that can summon a man-sized python once a day. When cast, the python is thrown against a target. See the "Creatures" for details on the python.

Toughness: 20 DP